The 5 Top Places to get Married in Costa Rica

Published: 01st July 2010
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For that special wedding day backdrop many couples may imagine a warm sunny setting with palm trees, gentle ocean waves lapping against a sandy shore and bright blue, cloudless skies overhead. Costa Rica offers happy couples all of these benefits and much more. If a wedding is in the near future then these are the 5 top places to have a Costa Rica wedding.

Many people have already found that a Costa Beach resort provides them with the perfect setting for their marriage ceremony. The ocean front location, refreshing beach breezes and colorful surroundings create the ideal atmosphere for a romantic wedding. Now others are following their lead as couples around the world search online for information and descriptions about Costa Rica weddings. Below are the top 5 locations to get married in Costa Rica.

Tamarindo Beach is located in Costa Rica's northern province of Gunacaste. This magical setting may be the top favorite selection because of its pristine beaches and lovely locations. One location is Tamarindo Diria beach resort. This beautiful lush hotel has an amazing setting to get married at on the beach edges with the sun setting behind.

Langosta is another beautiful location to get married at. This quiet beach located between Tamarindo and Playa Avellanas allows you to get married at luxurious house where no one will be seen. Here you can get married with your family and friends and have the ocean waves crashing in the background, birds flying overhead and palm trees rustling in the wind.

The Four Seasons at the Papagayo Peninsula features spas, pools, the ocean and even a ballroom where brides and grooms can dance until dawn after the wedding ceremony has ended. Guests will be delighted and thrilled as they enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds that are an integral part of this highly rated Costa Rica beach resort. The hotel property is located atop a scenic cliff that juts out into the Gulf of Papagayo and the views of the water are absolutely stunning.

Mal Pais is another Guanaste beach location that offers various secluded locations for weddings. There are many private homes located along the coast you can get married at. Mal Pais is a small romantic town that offers quiet beaches, lush coast lines and quaint restaurants and hotels.

Ocotal is yet another well known Costa Rica beach resort that many are choosing as the setting for their fantasy Costa Rica Weddings. At this property there are several wedding planners who will help create the perfect ceremony on the beach or in the jungle.

Costa Rica continues to thrive as a top place for wedding destinations. There are more pristine places being discovered everyday for weddings. Let Costa Rica's beaches, jungle and amazing spots be the place for your dream wedding.

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